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our security training

Established more than 3 years ago to provide training at the standard demanded by the Security and other forward looking security companies and organisations, the Learning Centre boasts a dedicated group of professional education, training and development practitioners who provide learning opportunities utilising approved facilitation and assessment programmes.


Mvelmaswazi Security services training academy has two well-established training centers with T numbers 430 and 464 Tshwane and Johannesburg regions. We are also SASSETA accredited REG: 091955507817

 Facilitate a range of training to officers serving in all security fields from industrial, commercial, retails, CIT, armed response, Dog handlers and firearm competency.

We provide continuous and proper training of private security officers that most certainly and collective fight against crime.

We provide specialized training which includes grades E TO A. Some also engages with the previously disadvantaged communities to assist in job creation.

We also assist and ensure that the successful students are accredited with Psira. Youth are trained and then assisted with job placements.

security traning


  1. Contain Incidents of Damage to Facilities & Equipment.
  2. Handle fire – related Incidents
  3. Handle crime – related Incidents
  4. Handle medical or first-aid – related Incidents
  5. Handle-Bomb Threat Incidents
  6. Search, Apprehension and arrest Suspect
  7. Give Evidence In Court
canine services

Dog handlers training

  1.  Ensure that the basic needs of the service dog are catered for.
  2.  Ensure the welfare of the dog and deal with related problems.
  3.  Conduct safety precautions with the service dog in order to prevent accidents.
    Inspect the condition of the service dog.
  4.  Transport service dogs in a safe and secure manner.
  5. Prepare a trained Service Dog for guarding duties.
  6. Utilize the trained Service Dog for guarding duties.
  7. Conduct post-guarding responsibilities with regards to the trained Service Dog.
security training classroom


  1. Prepare Work Actives
  2. Guard Static position
  3. Handle Telephone Calls & Lost – And Found Properties
  4. Patrol Premises
  5. Make reports and hand over duty
  6. Deployment Planning Schedule (for Senior Security Officer and Security Supervisor)

Basic Guarding

This training is specifically designed for security officers new to the industry or for any person wishing to start work in security with the basic knowledge to help them understand what is required of them to carry out everyday security tasks. Upon successful completion of this training, participants will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to work in security in a wide range of workplaces. The training is designed for People currently working as a security officer or looking to become well-established security officers.


Be part of Security Services and enjoy all the Profesional services we give our clients.